A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Poly World is a 3D low-poly grid-based city builder game.

In Poly World you have to build and manage your very own city!

Keep your citizens happy so that they pay their taxes, so that you can keep on expanding your city!


I started this project as a school assignment with two friends from my class. Later on, after the assignment was complete, I decided to continue to work on Poly World and make it a full game!


This game is currently in development! I'm working as hard as possible to get this game finished / in a playable state for everyone to play! Sadly I'm super busy with college so I don't have a lot of time to work on Poly World, but I'm doing my best!

Install instructions

[From the site]
Download the game files for your current system, and run it like you'd run any normal application on your system.

[From the itch app]
Click the download button, go to library and once it's finished hit play!


Poly World-v0.1.0-Win [Early Alpha] 13 MB
Poly World-v0.1.0-Mac [Early Alpha] 18 MB
Poly World-v0.1.0-Linux [Early Alpha] 18 MB

Development log


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