Quick update: What I've been up to & the future of the game

Hey everyone!

It's probably been quite some time that you've heard anything from me, so I quickly wanted to share this with you.

At the moment I'm working on rewriting the entire game from scratch. The previous version was originally made for an assignment, and had a lot of poorly written code in it. So since I'm continuing to develop this game after the assignment, I decided that it was best to start from scratch.

As I don't have much time, this is going quite slowly, but with the recent holiday I've been able to work on Poly World much more than before.

Allright, enough talking, let's get to the interesting part: what will happen to the game?

So, part of the reason I wanted to completely start from scratch is that, with the current setup, the game doesn't support buildings that are larger than one tile. This is a big problem, because most of the assets that I've got take up much more space than one tile.

In the new version (which will be v0.2.0) I'll add a few buildings such as a factory and a town hall that will be bigger than one tile to demonstrate this new feature.

I've also been working on a way that lets me add new buildings really easily, so that way I won't have to go through hundreds of lines of code in order to add just one building. (Which means you'll get more new buildings in upcoming releases. yay!)
(This version will also get rid of the bugs that I discovered in v0.1.0, and you'll be able to move the camera around with the keyboard, as there seemed to be no way for Mac users to do that)

Another thing that will be added in is some gameplay. This will be in v0.3.0, as it is a lot of work, and it will take some time. But basically you'll have a purpose to place buildings. For example, a factory won't produce anything as long as it doesn't have any workers. So you'll need to build some houses for your workers to live in. But then you won't be making any money, so you'll have to build some stores that will generate profit based on the amount of goods that they sell.
Update: Whoops apparently I forgot to mention that I will also add saving and loading in this update. yay!

So, that gives you a quick insight into what I've been upto and what will be added in upcoming versions of the game. You can also check out the roadmap on Trello: https://bit.ly/2GTlRUf
If you'd like to stay up to date with what I'm currently working on, you can check the todo-list here: https://bit.ly/2Hx8OZP

But other than that, that's all I have to say now!
Happy building, and stay awesome!

~ SeppahBaws

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